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The Unattended Weeping

The death of a kind heart   - HH 4/25/1997

Traditional supermarket usually is the place chosen to abandon puppies. In fact, it often turns out to be the abandoned dogs' graveyard; many dogs die from diarrhea after eating and drinking of rotten meats and contaminated water.

Next to a supermarket, there is a selling booth of betel nuts. Its owner always collected leftover from people's lunch boxes dumped in garbage cans and also prepared water to feed the abandoned dogs. So lots of puppies were attracted to the booth. They treated the owner as their parent and the booth as their shelter. Day to day, they gathered together at certain time, only wished to be pampered and loved.

One day, I found her not collecting anymore food! I asked her the reason; she replied with anguish and tears in her eyes:"The puppies were all caught by dog catcher(stray dogs control)! I wonder what I fed them for? I couldn't even save their lives."

Following her reply, I took a quick look at the area around, what shocked me was "they were all gone".

From the day on, I never see her feeding any dog again, and neither any puppy seen around the booth.


    Last November was the competitive month of stray dog catching in Taiwan; the government rewarded the groups that had caught the most. Due to this activity, many dogs that hung around the traditional supermarket were all disappeared in just one night.

- translated by Violet on 7/05/1998

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