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They need love.

Sunny   - Ms. Dean on 1/07/1998

A year ago, a sick Shiba Inu came to the school I work for. She was in coma for days and had no appetite.

With the care of me and one of the school workers, she stayed and has become school watchdog. Later on she got adopted by Uncle Huang, the night shift school watcher.

During daytime, she is a princess in the gymnastic field, school kids gather around her and play. No one wants to leave until the bell rings, then they would wave their hands and say"Bye! Bye! Sunny!".

"Sunny", our princess, she will always be with us even if it's winter and the weather is freezing cold; her brightness will shine through the entire school.

One day afternoon, I saw the school principal stooped down, gently touched "Sunny" and talked about her with the school kids. At the moment, I could see the smile on his face.

A Day of Sunny   - Ms. Dean on 3/04/1998

A winter vacation has passed. "Sunny" has changed her look quite a bit; she has gained weight. However, her choppy look makes her be even more charming and attractive to the kids.

The school has started, there are times that kids stand by my office door and say it out loud:"Question! Ms. Dean, where is Sunny?" My answer usually varies depends on the kids. For those who like to stick around, I would say: "Sunny got off the work." For the nosy ones, I would say:"It's raining, so Sunny won't come up ." If it's first or second grade children, I would lower my voice and say:"Sunny will come during your lunch time." I like to hear their laughter when they leave with my answer.

Sunny is an unpaid employee, whom appears at school at five and gets off at seven. But she is addicted to the love and the favor of the school kids and wouldnˇ¦t want to leave (Sunny usually comes and goes along with Mr. Huang, who takes the night shift of the school watcher duty). Sunny is good time controller. During class sessions, she kills time by visiting other dogs. Whenever Sunny barks, the dog "Annoy" (he is cool and conceited) from the shop of onion pancakes across the street will come over to fight with her for three hundreds rounds. As she finishes drinking water, the bell of session end rings. At this moment, he can just lay down any way she wants, the kids will all be gathered around her. Some kids touch her head and nose, some pad her legs, and few of them would ask how come Sunny has no balls?

There was an afternoon that I was teaching sixth grade students valley ball. During the lecturing and coaching, Sunny came to join us. She ran around the team to attract attention. Later on she even tried to steal my ball in my hand (I often play ball with her), her movement made us laugh. She left as her ego was satisfied by people's laughter.

Her presence in every corner of the school brings happiness and love.

- translated by Violet on 7/14/1998

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