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Mourning Dogs

the sky too far   - Fen-Ru 9/22/1998

abstracted from LCA's(Life Conservationist Association in Taipei) report

There was a dog with paralytic lower body crouching against the corner of the wall in the pound. When the worker washed the floor, all the dogs tried to run away from the waterspout except him because he had no capability to move himself quickly.

But he seemed like to leave everything behind, and only wished to concentrate on the world outside the entanglements. He straightened his body and put himself forward by hooking his front legs on the wire entanglements that enabled him to look just a little bit closer.
Although all he did was in vain, he did not want to move his eyes away. Whenever he got tired, he would draw back a little bit and a moment later pulled himself back to the position.

He was actually surrounded by excrement and urine. Sores broke out his lower body, and the hair was wet and twisted. Because his legs trembled of no strength, his whole body trembled too.

As I got near him, I found him was a Shiba Inu,still young.

- translated by Mavis, revised by Violet on 11/09/1998

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