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They need love.

The joy of rebirth   - Gimy 9/20/1997

The "Chinese Shar-Pei" like Shih Tzu whom I saved from euthanasia was later on selected as one of the "ten most grievous, mangy dogs" of the foster house. We had decided to segregate them for intensive care and cure. During this plan of special diagnosis, one died of canine distemper. And among the rest, Shih Tzu had the most serious skin infection; however, she was also the one cured the fastest.

I hadn't been to the foster house for more than a month, when I saw Shih Tzu again in July, I was so happy that I wanted to cry. She had become so pretty and vigorous, and her white, mixed with light yellow colored hair is growing back, smooth as silk.

The only thing that I wasn't satisfied with was her cage, which was too small for her. I could see her barely making any big movement, so I changed her to a bigger cage.

She was really decent and friendly, and had become sort of choppy.I Hardly could I imagine how terrifying she looked before. I knew this was what it called "The joy of rebirth".

- translated by Violet on 7/08/1998

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