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Mourning Dogs

The Killing on New Year's Day   - Yi 2/22/1998

I hurried myself to the government dog pound in TanShui this afternoon, wished to save a breathless huge dog that I've found yesterday. I was troubled by the image of his. His body swollen, hairless, bleeding and crippled. His innocent eyes revealed his helplessness and grief. I seemed to hear his howls, crying for help. I've told myself, no matter what, I would get him out today.

I stood in front of a bunch of empty cages; suddenly I realized I was too late! Thirty to forty grown dogs and puppies had all been soaked and huddled together against the strong wind, waiting for rescue; however, they were all put to death this morning.

I searched madly around the garbage piled aside, wished to find at least one of them; "maybe I could find one that is still alive", I told myself. On the direction to the shore, I found a shallow pit filled with dead dogs' bodies, layer upon layer, seemed have been shattered by fire. "Are they whom I've seen yesterday?" I asked myself. How am I supposed to believe this tragedy?

What kinds of tortures have been added to them this morning? I feel so sorry and my heartache of yesterday over their hunger, coldness and the pain persists.

When these dogs saw me yesterday, some of them waggled their tails, wished for me to pad them; some looked at me with love and friendliness, their eyes seemed want to pass messages; some of them wept when they saw me. But I did not touch them at all.

I don't know if they were poisoned, beaten or burned to death. One of the employees told me privately the reason why they were all killed this morning: " It was only because Chinese New Year is coming, no one would take care the dogs during the holidays, the only solution to this is to "finish the job now", then no more dog will be caught until the end of holidays."

I finally realized why they were all gone over one night. This also told me why the feeding troughs were found empty yesterday. From the minute they decided to massacre these dogs, the foster house has stopped to feed them....

- translated by Violet on 7/23/1998

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