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Mourning Dogs

The Drowning Dog Face   - Shih 7/30/1997

Today (Jul 30,97) TVBS news report:

Chi-Long's Ministry of Environment has a "comprehensive" set of equipment to drown stray dogs. They demonstrated how to chase the dogs into the cage, how to raise the cage and submerge it into a water tank(with live, concious stray dogs in the cage), each step was clearly demonstrated, all with live pictures.

Minister of Environment smiled with confidence and said: "electrocution, toxic gas, we tried them all. Submerged into water in a cage; no screams or cries will be heard, and no struggling will be seen. Simply submerge for 10 minutes then off to the dumping ground, it is the easiest and most humane way.

Go see it for yourself, you will see Akitas, big dogs, small dogs, all drown together. Right before the immersion, every single dog stands in the cage well and alive looking around with a puzzled face...


    One day had gone by, my head is still filled with sights of dogs drowning in a submerged cage.

    Imagining if the water tank was as transparent as a fish tank, how did the dogs struggled? not just from the pain of drowning, also the extreme fear of being locked in a cage and can't escape.

    Such cruel procedure is just next to us.....
    I curse...
    I despise...

    Taiwan is so ugly!

- translated by daniel on 7/17/1998

Supplementary   - Shih 7/20/1998

    Under the negotiation and presure of PETA(People for the Ethical of Animals) and LCA(Life Conservationist Associationin Taipei), Ministry of Chi-Long has stop the drowning of stray dogs since May 98. Instead, lethal injections are being administered. The dog drowning apparatus is no longer in use.

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