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Mourning Dogs

The Death of a Stray Dog in School   - LYS 1/08/1998

When I was still in school, I fed a stray dog that came once a while. She was dirty but well behaved. Unfortunately, she wasn't welcome by the dorm watcher and other students because nobody could stand fleas.

One day I found the dog was gone. My roommate later told me: "T.A. made the dog the object of the experiment in the anatomy class. T.A. had chosen her because she was a good dog. When her abdomen was cut, there were five unborn puppies found inside¡K¡K."

I only could comfort myself that the dog had been anesthetized before killed, which was considered as euthanasia. By the end of the semester, T.A. might burn incense to pray for forgiveness.

To the stray dogs, the outcome probably is the second best result among the all besides being adopted.

- translated by Violet on 7/14/1998

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