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Mourning Dogs

Shattered   - Gimy 5/21/1997

A couple of days ago, on my way home, I saw a stray dog; it was limbing a bit. I stoped, wanted to feed it. As I walked closer, I could see the flesh around its neck was flipped inside out; the cut was really deep.

It probably had a close encounter with the "stray dog control" and managed to escape from the choking snare around its neck. The dog was deeply frightened, I could tell that it was hungry, but was too afraid of human to come closer to the food I offered.

I left the food on the ground and walked away; the dog sniffed on the food for a while, it was probably too painfull to swallow. I wanted to take it to a vet, but I couldn't get close to it. I gave up after half an hour of trying to gain its trust.

Why does the stray dog control has to use such extreme violence and cruel ways to catch dog?....

- translated by daniel on 7/09/1998

Shattered II   - Gimy 11/17/1997

A lady saw a dog-meat shop truck full of dogs. She followed the truck to the dog-meat shop, then phoned her boyfriend and a couple of big guys over to meet at the shop.

By the time they arrived, it was too late! The whole truck load of dogs already had their throats sliced and were bleeding to death, only two dogs were still intact. They bought the survivors as dog meat for about $3.00/lbs; one of the dog is "Dogmeat Yella".

After castration, Dogmeat Yella stayed in the hospital for 3 days; hospital's front door became its home since then. Dogmeat Yella has no teeth, its teeth were lost when it was trying to escape by bitting the cage open, when it was captured by the dogmeat truck.

Dogmeat Yella has very good manners and is very friendly; but is very afraid of people, no one can pet or touch Dogmeat Yella.


    In the hospital, I called Dogmeat Yella. He came towards me happily. Jumping slowly infront of me; it's an old dog.

    Dogmeat Yella docked as I try to touch its head; but lyed down on its back and show friendlyness where I couldn't reach him.

    I look at Dogmeat Yella with sorrow, after what he has been through, he could probably never recover from his shattered life.

- translated by daniel on 7/11/1998

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