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The Unattended Weeping

The love for no return   - Gimy 3/17/1997

about the story - HH
    This story has taken place in the stray dogs foster house of Ms. Du. A few ladies(volunteers) visited the foster house to help cleaning up the area. The story was told by Gimy...

...Under Ms. Shieh's arrangement and directions, we started to clean and sterilize the foster house...

Ms. Shieh, a woman that I adore, is so devoted to the work of stray dogs caring. She always does the cleaning job right and promptly. We heard that she raises 50 to 60 stray dogs all by herself underneath a bridge. Those dogs come and leave as they like, and are all in good conditions.

As we left the foster house, Ms. Shieh picked up a breathless Yorkshire Terrier that had serious skin infection and one blind, popped out eye. I asked her what she would do about him.

she replied calmly,"he is old and ill, like a candle in the wind, what I can do now is to take care of him until death visits him. For what he has been through, I think his life deserves a peaceful ending."

Of what she said, tears had blurred my eyes....

- translated by Violet on 7/04/1998

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