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They need love.

Love is the elixir of cure.   - LYS on 3/29/1998

Previous to the Chinese New Year, I'd found a sick, lifeless, black dog in the parking lot of the hospital I work for. Her skin was covered with all kinds of skin diseases, hair fell out, skin ulcerated. I couldn't find a healthy spot on her body. Because she was so skinny that her structure of bones looked so obvious and difficult to support her body. I guessed death was so nearby.

"Even if she is lucky enough to survive with the efforts of veterinarian, if no one adopts her, she is still gonna be a stray dog." I thought. So I decided to put her to sleep, but the veterinarian refused. He wanted me to inject her with strong medication, if she survived from the sickness or the shot; then give her a second shot. I seemed to have no choice, so I implemented his plan. (It is terrifying to think back of giving shots to a big unknown dog! Lucky me, she did not take me as her supper.)

It was the Chinese New Year after the first shot, so I had not seen her for two to three weeks.

One day, after dinner, a big yellow dog approached to me with her waggling tail, came rushing on my body. My! As I stood steady, I found it was she, the black dog! Her hair grew back half her body, she is actually yellow! (Black color is her skin.)

I then tempted her with delicious dog food (unwanted dinner of other dogs) and gave her a second shot. When I saw her two weeks later, she has already become a beautiful, vigorous German Shepherd. At the moment of wondering why she recovered so quickly, the answer came right out. Mrs. Shieh (the person who feeds stray dogs and cats everyday.) approached to me with her dogs. She asked how come I knew this dog. During our conversation, I realized that besides the shots, Mrs. Shieh nursed her with two meals a day to help her recover. No wonder she cured so good and fast.

Three days before today, Mrs. Shieh, Chow-In(the one who made the issue of the stray dogs in Penghu known, she raises eight stray dogs herself.) and I sent the German Shepherd to be sterilized and vaccinated. This time we have found this two years old lady a nice, comfortable home.

Damn the person who abandoned her!

- translated by Violet on 7/23/1998

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