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The Unattended Weeping

The procedure of killing cows in Taiwan   - Jimmy 9/24/2000

When I was a worksite director of a wastewater treatment company, I visited the wastewater treatment site of meat markets often, it was also the place used to slaughter cows. I always heard wails from dying cows there.

One day, I saw a heart-breaking thing......

A cow was tied up to a short rope to prevent it from moving. Then a water pipe with steel wire inside of it was inserted into the cow's mouth all the way into its stomach. Water was then pumped into its stomach for 3 or 5 minutes. Water was coming out of the cow from every where. Some of them couldn't stand up after the procedure. After that, the cow was knocked on the head with a big hammer, then dismembered while it was still alive. Other cows wailed loudly aside because they could be the next one.

I asked with tears why water was pumped into their stomach. Someone told me that the important reason is to increase its weight to get more money.

I am not sure the beef from Taiwan is delicious or not, however, the procedure of killing is so brutal.

- translated by Small on 10/10/2000, edited by Daniel on 11/15/2000

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