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Mourning Dogs

The broken dog face   - Gimy 11/17/1997

There is a market place near this hospital, many stray dogs search for food there.

One day, an old lady from the vegitable shop phoned the hospital from the market; she asked Dr. Lin to save a dog in the market immidiately. We rushed over to the market; there we saw a Rottweiler with blood all over its face. It was sitting down quietly; not moving, not barking, just sitting with blood running from its face. It was looking straightforward with a blank expression. We put the dog in the car without any resistance. The old lady from the market came alone to the hospital and explained with anger.

"This dog was just abandoned by its owner, it was caught stealing meat from the meat shop. The butcher was very angry; he held the dog's head and cut the dog's face up with his knife; he was making X's on the dog's face.!íL

We cleaned up the blood off the wounds on the Rottweiler's face; there were cutting wounds in shapes of "X" all over its face. The doctor started sewing the wounds without any anethesia, the Rottweiler didn't even move as the doctor sewed the pieces back together. It died halfway through the operation. It had lost too much blood.

I started to cry and said "stop sewing, it's dead!", doctor continued to sew, and replied "even it dies, it deserves a well mended face..."

- translated by daniel on 6/27/1998

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