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Mourning Dogs

Betrayal   - Gimy 11/16/1997

When I was a little child, there was an old veteran living in the neighborhood. He had an old dog named "Little yellow", it was over 10 years old. Kids around the neighborhood loved to play with Little yellow.

One day, when I was walking down the neighborhood, I saw Little yellow lying on the ground; it was having some sort of spasm. As I walked closer, I saw Little yellow with its four feet chopped off, blood was draining out of the pawmless feet. I ran home in a panic to tell my mom. Mon was very upset, we went to the house of the old veteran. Mom called him an animal, an animal with no concious, no heart, for doing such a cruel thing to an old pal, after all these years of companionship and loyalty!

It turned out that the veteran knew his dog was getting very old, instead of letting it die, he decided to eat it. He thought that dog meat tasted better without blood, so he chopped off all four feet of Little yellow to drain the blood off.

I can never forget Little yellow's eyes, they were begging for mercy from its master. Little yellow struggled to stand up, but it fell down in pain every time the wounds touched the ground. It keep looking at its master, begging for help, for mercy; its eyes never strayed away form its master, not for a brief moment.

I could never forget the way Little yellow looked before it bleed to death; the way it trusted its master to save it from harm. Little yellow trusted its master to its death.

- translated by daniel on 7/05/1998

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