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Mourning Dogs

The abandoned loyalty   - Gimy 11/17/1997

A man lived down stairs from us had a Dog; it was about 5 or 6 years old.

One day, he decided not to keep his dog any longer. He took his dog to a mountain nearby and left the dog on the mountain. Three days later, his dog came back on its own. The owner was not pleased. He tried to abandon his dog again. This time, he left his dog near a dam that was about 70 km away.

After a month, his dog some how managed to find the way home. It must have had a difficult journey. It had become very skinny and dirty, it's paws were bleeding, paddings worned out. It probably hasn't eaten for days.

Neighbors thought the dog was very intellegent and loyal. But the compliments didn't change his mind, in fact he become even more angry. The master had become a vicious monster. He tied his dog with ropes, stuffed it in a cardboard box and burned the poor dog.

He said, "you can come back from such a far away place; let's see how you gonna come back after I burned you!"

- translated by daniel on 6/28/1998

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