Saying Good-Bye to my Dog

Sherry on November 01, 1998 at 08:49:16:

Like so many people in here, I am also a dog lover. I have a dog myself for several years while I am studying in USA. Now that I am ready to go home, I have made the most difficult decision in my life.

I have decided to give my dog to a friend of mine in USA. So many people ask me why I don't bring him ( KiKi ) with me to Taiwan. Why? It's simple. I just don't think that he can have a better life in Taiwan, and I am afraid that someday, he will run out accidentally, and become a homeless dog. I don't want that to happen to KiKi. I know that being a homeless dog in Taiwan is the worst, and he will never survive in Taiwan.

I told myself that I would try my best to help out those homeless dogs in Taiwan when I finally go home. I sometimes wonder why those people can treat dogs so badly. To tell you the truth, I wish for those who have abused dogs, cats, or any homeless animals will one day realize that how foolish they are.

All the stories about Homeless Dogs are heartbreaking, and they also make me so angry. In USA, people love animals so much that thos things will never happen. Why can we ( Taiwanese ) who pride ourself as being one of the Four Dragons ( in Asia ) live up to what we are suppose to be? Being rich is useless if one is to hurt those helpless animals.

LYS譯: on November 01, 1998