I'm not just a dog-lover,
I'm a nature-lover

Dog-Lover Lin on May 02, 1998:

I love all the animals in the nature. I had so many animals in my life, bat, turtle, bird, chicken, rabbit, fish, cat, dog, monkey, etc... just dogs are my favorite. Once I had a bird who can sing, can speak. I don't have put her in cage. She will follow wherever I go and I let her fly freely as she wishes. and she'll come back to me when I call her name. She will stop on my shoulder.. sometimes we go for a walk, she will jump all the way after me... jumpling and running then flying on my head ! I raised her when she's only one week old.

Xin on May 04, 1998

Hi, Lin:

I sure believe you. I didn't mean that I doubted you didn't love other animals.(What a wired sentence!) 8)

Here in USA( I believe it's the same in Canada), it's animal's heaven. The are protected by law. It's much better than where I came from. Animals are also lifes, created by the same God. So, human and animal should live on the earth in harmony.

It was quite interesting that I noticed, when I was in a good mood and walking towards the birds or other animal, they didn't run away. But if I am mad that day, they ran away immediately after they saw me, even I look calm on the face. I don't have much experiences with dogs. But dogs always like me.

My neighbor's dog is a very bad temperred one. She looks just like the 101 dolmation(Am I spelling right?). But she is not so nice, she barks at anyone getting too close to her. But she likes me, My landlord is so mad about this, because we touch her at the same time. She bits him but not me. ;)

May god bless you and your dogs,if you want to discuss dogs or other animals with me, please write to me at "xinzhang@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu". Thank you.

Take care.


Gimy on May 02, 1998:

Dog-Lover Lin:

哇, 你養過那麼多動物啊! 讓我算算看, 我養過什麼...

青蛙, 鴿子, 雞, 鴨, 鵪鶉, 大巴旦, 烏龜, 貓, 狗, 鵝, 這其中, 養狗最討厭最麻煩也最花錢!

以前我很想有自己的農場, 養一堆動物, 不過後來想通了, 應該自己去接觸牠們, 而不是把它們帶來自己的世界, 要動物們適應人類。

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