Good-Bye, KiKi My Baby

KiKi's Mommy: on January 25, 1999 at 12:42:58

Finally. This day finally comes. I finally have to say GOOD-BYE to KiKi forever. Today, as I walk out of door, I know that I will never see KiKi again. My teas flooded my eyes, and I could feel my heart breaking.

I know that KiKi is with a good family now. They are going to love him very much. But, I still can't help crying as I say good bye to him.

I never realize how difficult to leave him after all these years ( 5 years ). Coming home to an empty home is not easy.

Even though I feel terriblely sad, I know that I have made the right choice. KiKi is now living in a "farm-house" where he will have lots space to run around, and chase farm animals.

Someday when I am ready, I will have another dog. But, no dog will replace KiKi.

KiKi's Mommy

crysta: on January 25, 1999

I heard that dog will remember his/her owner for at least three years when they are apart. Maybe in some way it is not good for the dog, but... I believe kiki will appreciate your love and have you in his/her mind, just like what you have done to him/her.

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KiKi's Mommy (Sherry): on January 26, 1999

Hello, Everyone:

Thanks for All Your Support. As I read all your caring words, my tears are dripping down my faces.

: 別讓他的記憶中佔滿妳的眼淚。
My parents are not wrong. They just can't understand that KiKi is part of my life. They don't know how much I love him.

These days, when I saw his toys laying on the floor, I wonder how he is doing. I kept telling myself that he is happy, and healthy. I am sure he is.

You girls, and guys!! How come is so hard to go on with my normal life without KiKi? It feels like someone take a piece of my heart. Feel so empty!

Actually, when I brought KiKi home five years ago ( when he was only 7-week old), I already knew that someday I will need to say good bye to him forever. But, not this hard!

Sorry, I kept talking about my feelings again. I hope that I don't bother you girls, and guys too much. Thanks for listening to me. I do feel better knowing that there are you all who understand how I feel 100%.

Oh, I will be back in Taiwan by Feb. 9th. I will definitely keep coming back to this web site once I am back in Taiwan. By that time, I will be able to join you all in helping all the homeless animals in Taiwan. From now on, you all can refer me as Sherry rather than KiKi ( I am KiKi ex-mommy). :*(